There's More To Power Washing Than Just Power

There's More To Power Washing Than Just Power

Once spring has sprung in the Frederick area and it's safe to remove covers from patio furniture, a significant step remains. It's not exactly time to start entertaining.

It's tempting to grab the garden hose, adjust the nozzle to its "maximum setting," and simply let it rip. No detergents. No plan. Just blast it -- and hope it's clean enough.

Not so fast, homeowner; there's still work ahead of you.

Power washing requires a safe approach and an actual plan for how to carry out the project. While it's fun to turn up the power, this is neither the best nor most efficient approach to power washing. In the end, you might just be transferring dirt and grime from one location to another. The surface might look clean, but it isn't.

To avoid a disappointing DIY pressure washing experience, consider the following steps:

  • Move everything off the patio - that's everything -- chairs, tables, plant pots, trash bins, etc.
  • Use a blower or at least a broom to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Power wash the paved surface so it starts to dry. Use a sweeping motion from the middle out to most effectively perform this step.
  • Line up the patio items with adequate spacing; consider cleaning them with an anti-bacterial wipe first.
  • Thoroughly spray each item, starting at the top and then working toward the bottom.
  • Repeat, if necessary.

It's OK To Power Wash Your Roof, But …

Just like any DIY project, homeowners sometimes seek the easiest way to achieve the best results. This usually is when problems start. And if roof cleaning is involved, you can imagine what might follow.

Before you set foot on the bottom rung of that ladder, be sure to:

  • Secure a ladder that is long enough to accommodate the job.
  • Inform family members of what you'll be doing.
  • Put necessary tools in a bucket or container that will make it easy to transport.
  • Wear gloves and rubber-soled shoes.
  • Always be aware of exactly where you are while on the roof.

Take Great Care When Power Washing Your Siding

Just as you do when you approach any power washing project, be sure to consider everything safety-oriented.

Ask yourself, Did I:

  • Tightly secure all windows, doors, and pet doors?
  • Cover the chimney to avoid water damage?
  • Inspect window seals in case caulking has eroded?
  • Thoroughly test the pressure washing mechanism?

If you still have questions or are wondering about any aspect of pressure washing, pick up the phone and call a professional. Wash Wizards's staff and owner Gregg Dehn are excellent resources and have years of experience in the business.

If you ultimately decide the DIY approach is not for you, why not call Wash Wizards at 301-639-0886?