Don't Let Gray Ruin Your Day

Don't Let Gray Ruin Your Day

We live in Mid-Atlantic Maryland, close enough to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. So we know all too well what humid air and warm temperatures do to white fences, white patio furniture, and white siding.

If you don't pay close attention and pressure wash these marquee features of your property, over time, they will develop unsightly black and gray streaks that will be tough, if not impossible, to entirely remove and likely leave a stain of some kind.

Power washing, whether of the traditional nature or more of the soft washing type, is one of the most effective approaches to ensuring white vinyl and plastic don't fall prey to the elements. The combination of proper detergents and adjustments to water temperature and pressure will ensure the contaminants are washed away.

About That White Patio Furniture

If you store your vinyl or plastic chairs and table during the winter, they will still gather a fair amount of dust and dirt. And when it comes time to break out these pieces, proper pressure washing will prepare them for the warmer months.

Pressure washing these pieces isn't difficult. It just requires a little bit of time and creativity. Consider starting with soft washing to remove that first layer of dirt.

Next, wipe them down with a damp rag and/or a handi-wipe. A Magic Eraser is especially effective too. Then rinse every inch of the furniture, especially those tricky spots under the table and between the slots on the chairs.

Of course, over time, vinyl furniture will naturally break down and the time will come to replace it. However, regular pressure washing will keep this patio furniture around longer.

Fences And Siding Are Key Property Features. Keep Them Clean

Black streaks spell doom for white vinyl siding and fencing. They require just the right touch to keep mold and mildew from leaving their mark.

Perhaps the trickiest spots are the natural spaces between fence and siding panels. Water containing contaminants runs down the surface and settles into the bottom frame, and that's where the problems usually start.

These sections require thorough scrubbing, both by hand and by pressure washing. This will extend the life of the siding and fencing and keep your property value going up.

So if you want to maintain white vinyl's desired look, and simply don't want to do it yourself, call Wash Wizards at 301-639-0886. Our residential power washing team is standing by!